TransAmerica bike trail


This simplified map gives a basic idea of where will be cycling in the US of A. (East to West)transamerica_set

For a more detailed itinerary see TransAmerica bike tour

We will be travelling in a group, thankfully with a van taking our stuff so we don’t have to lug it all with us, from Yorktown in Virginia to Florence in Oregon. The trip is meant to take the best part of three months and covers nearly 7000 kms.

The route we will be following is the TransAmerica bike trail, started in 1974 by the founders of what is now the Adventure Cycling Association. This is a non profit organisation that promotes cycling in the States in all its forms.

Looking forward to having gigantic thigh muscles when it is all over. 🙂

Tom, doing the 2015 Vätternrundan
Tom, doing the 2015 Vätternrundan