Tom on Ami


Control freak, perfectionist, anal, stickler for tidiness. All adjectives that could be used to describe the woman I married and love.

But also tender, loving, sweet and far smarter than what she herself would ever believe.

I see a future with days full of hopelessness, not talking to each other, spite and irritation. Especially if she is cold, tired and pissed off which despite all our best intentions is quite likely to occur at some point on a long bike tour. But they are more than made up by the blissful ones, where we are so close that we are almost behind each other.

In her eyes I am a procrastinator with great ideas, in mine she is a doer with an amazing ability to organise which I guess means that we complement and compliment each other. Hopefully this will prove to be a sweet combination when we finally arrive down under and decide how we are going to become multi billionaires. 😉

I can’t imagine anyone I would rather start a new life with.

My lady.

My love.