A Song for Every State 10

To be absolutely honest we had forgotten about this, up until we were in the Velcro (“what a rip off”: Trad Arr Tim Vine) Islands or Fiji as they are also known. More on that trip some other time perhaps.

So to complete the set here is the final ditty about a state, filmed on a beach quite a long way away from the state of Oregon.

It may be a bit dated, but if you change Ronald Reagan to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump  it still works.

Far too well sadly.

Here is the original in all its glory:


A Song for Every State 9

Tom writes:

This is the pits, it has to be said. Not only is it (as usual) in the wrong key, it is also in the wrong tense and to top it all almost impossible to hear.

“Idaho lot of shaking going on” was the effect I was looking for anyway which is unworthy of a state that has actually proved to be my favourite in this whole continent so far.

Here it is in all its patheticness:

Here is the original in a magnificent live version:

A Song For Every State 5

Tom writes:

Next up Kansas and as you can hear, the quality of the production is very low.

But this lack of quality is in its way quite apt as it emphasises two of the things that we most associated with this particular state.

Wind and big lorries.

Here is my wonderful rendition of “Kansas City” (which is actually in Missouri) from the classic musical, Oklahoma.

And here is the original.