18th of June- Saved a Kitten!!!

Ami writes:

Yesterday when we were biking as usual I thought I heard a meowing sound coming from the side of the road. First I kept on going for a short distance, thinking that I had only imagined it all. But then I decided to turn around to make shore there was nothing there.

I thank my lucky stars I made that decision. Cause what I saw made me totally heartbroken. A tiny black and white kitten showed its little head among all the high grass. The fur was soaking wet and I gave it water from my water bottle and a slice of turkey from my lunch box. He crawled up in my lap and I couldn’t stop cuddling with him and kissing this little “fur ball”, while crying at the same time, thinking about what to do with him.

I tried to phone Tom but couldn’t get through to him. He was ahead of me and didn’t notice I wasn’t behind him until a while later. He came cycling back though, first thinking I was injured or had a flat tire. Then he saw me holding the kitten and did such a lovely thing- he cycled to the houses closest to were we found the kitten, to see if it belonged to anyone. And while he was away a miracle happened!

The owner, a woman and her two boys came driving along the road, saw me and recognised their kitten-  OMG wow!!!

She jumped for joy and so did I, since my thought was to bring him with me in my bike bag (don’t ask…)! I would have refused to just leave him there to die…

It turns out “Kitty” (that’s what they called him <3) disappeared the day before and they had been out looking for him without any luck.

So we were all very relieved that it all ended happily. Instead of being a day of sorrow this day became one of joy.

“Kitty” forever in my ❤ LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ❤


Rest day in Berea- oh yeah! 28th of May

Ami writes:

Our second rest day so far in this trip and God I was longing for it. Or to be more specific, I was really looking forward to a manicure and a pedicure! And because this town has about 14 000 inhabitants, I figured that there had to be a beauty saloon here. And there was- yippi! I mean, I don’t mind sweat in my bicycle clothes for hours every day, getting road dust all over my body and lots of dead insects too by the way. Neither do I mind skipping hair and make up (cause that’s not something I would bother much about anyway) or letting body hair grow here and there… it’s just that you (I) reach a point were I just feel I have to “restore” what I can and at the same time get my wonderful “Ego-time” that I looove sooo much!!!

So I did. We came to Berea quite early, around 1 pm (since we are such a fast riders ;)), checked in to our “5 star hotel” (just joking) it was a basic motel but to us it felt like a 5 star one. Unbelievable what a lot of camping and sleeping in churches can lower your standards to and make you feel so grateful for so little…Like in this case a run down room with an old bed, bedlinen and towels.

And straight after I headed out to “Nails Pro IX” for my wonderful treatment. So thank you guys for taking care of me for 1,5 hours!



Tom met me later on, for a typical American “diner dinner” at “Dining Bell” which we enjoyed very much, among other things fried green tomatoes (like in the feel good movie with the same name).



The next day- Saturday, I had the morning and early afternoon to myself- I loove that!!! Sitting by myself, indulging in a good breakfast (at “Berea coffee and tea”), walking around the town and listening to a Swedish pod and just being…before visiting “Teasse”-hair studio and salon, for some waxing. Thank you so much Teri for your help and kindness!

Berea art
Berea art studios




Meanwhile, my very loving husband, took his time to go to Richmond with some other people from our group, to help me fix the gears on my bike ❤

This very relaxed day ended with another nice dinner, this time at “Cracker Barrel”, sadly without wine, due to the county’s “dry policy” (no alcohol served in restaurants). But on the other hand the manager/owner of the motel gave me a whole bottle of red wine so I got my fill anyway.

Now that isn’t something you would get in a 5 star hotel is it?! 😉

Trout, steamed veggies and grits w cheese- healthy and tasty!
Trout, steamed veggies and grits w cheese- healthy and tasty!


Looking back on Iceland

Ami writes:

After little more than a week in the States now, bicycling AND bicycling, I find myself thinking of our wonderful trip to Iceland. It feels like it was much longer since we were there, even if it wasn’t.

We feel truly blessed, getting to travel around this beautiful world of ours and meet so many interesting and friendly people. There isn’t just misery, pain and bad people doing horrible things to each other (which is often what you get to see on the news). In fact, travelling the way we do now makes you realize that people actually want to help you, even if you don’t ask them to, and also, they show an interest in you!

When travelling on Iceland we decided to list our 4 most magnificent waterfalls (according to us) and here they are, judge for yourself:





And also, Tom had this brilliant idea about how the Icelandic language works- you just take the Swedish word for something and put “ur” at the end and voilà, you have the Icelandic word! Can’t be any easier, can it? 😉











And my absolute favourite:


So, to sum it up. For any of you, like us, who has been thinking of visiting this beautiful island, do it, you won’t regret it- we promise!

That is of course if you love being out in nature, breathing fresh air, looking at Mother Natures creations, being active or/and maybe feeling like having an adrenalin rush- go for it! And you don’t have to worry about dangerous animals, cause they don’t exist here, but these cuties do:






Just remember two things though- it is VERY expensive, so bring lots of money with you (but no cash is required, though every little place where ever you are will take cards- good ey!) and bring WARM CLOTHING because IT IS CHILLY- I promise! (At least this time of year).

And yeah by the way, if you’re not a dare devil, DO NOT TRY THE FERMENTED SHARK, I repeat DO NOT TRY THE FERMENTED SHARK!

The taste in your mouth and the memory of eating it will stay with you for a looong time… 😉

Take care and be safe ❤

Bye for now!

Horse riding at Skjaldarvik 9th of May

Ami writes:

This cold beautiful sunny and blue sky morning, we were booked to do some horse riding. Even though neither of us has a particular interest in horses (more than the fact that they are lovely strong reliable creatures) and I’ve never been a “horse mad girl”, this was one of the things I wanted to try, because it’s just something you should do in my opinion while in Iceland, along with whale watching, the glacier’s, waterfalls etc.

Icelandic horses have a very interesting history, this robust animal was imported into the country by the Vikings over a thousand years ago and have been kept as a pure breed. Today they are used mostly for tour riding and competitions, but also for traditional sheep herding work and even for their meat. Many of them are also kept in a wild condition and have to find food and shelter for themselves.

IMG_1528[1] IMG_1525[1] IMG_1530[1]

We had a wonderful and enjoyable time together with our Dutch guide (who had moved there in January after falling in love with this country during her holiday last spring) and the tour lasted for about 90 minutes which especially Tom’s arse thought was more than enough 😉

After that, we took all our (or mostly mine actually- oh why do I always carry too much?) heavy luggage, threw it in the car for the millionth time and started our 400 km journey back to Reykjavik through this absolutely majestic scenery ( yes I now we go on and on about nature’s gift to Iceland, but it is truly amazing, sorry) for one last night there before the flight to Washington the day after.

With an evening walk through the main street, dinner at an affordable place and a glass of red wine (for me), we started to look back on this spectacular journey…


The BIG day- 1st of May!

Ami writes:

So, what do you say huh? After slowly dismantling our lives here in “The land of the Vikings”, it was finally time for us to leave Swedish territory once and for all. And on a fantastic “sunny and blue sky”-day too, for that matter.

Started my last morning here together with my mum, taking the dog for a walk. After breakfast and closing of bags, my oldest brother with family showed up around 11.30 to say their goodbyes before it was time for Tom and me to go to the airport with my mum driving us ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you so so much!!!

The aeroplane left at 14.20 for Iceland and with me crying my eyes out ;(

How is it possible to be so excited, happy and feel totally free to do what ever you want and that the sky’s the limit, while on the other hand feel so very very blue?

Anyway, came to Reykjavik around 17.30 Icelandic time (-2h), really tired and hungry. Checked in at a disgustingly dirty place (how can this place call themselves a guest house?) for our two nights here (why do we almost always go for these horrible accommodations that make my skin crawl, just to save, in this case, some ISK- Icelandic krona?… My God…).

Had a freaking good burger for dinner though, at one of Iceland’s oldest restaurants and then an evening walk before I later died on my pillow…zzz


Last bits and pieces…30th of April

Ami writes:

Today was the day to finish everything off and just go through our packing one last time to see that we had got it all under control. Even if we’ve planned our emigration very well in advance, I got a bit stressed out anyway!

I also had to go and have a final check at all our 23 boxes that we are going to send down to NZ after a few months when we know were our home is going to be… The company organizing this for us wanted an inventory list over the contents of the boxes. Not the most enjoyable thing one can do on a Saturday, but it had to be done and I brought my dear mum with me for some help ❤

After that, we were invited for a tasty Persian lunch with one of my brother’s mother in law Azita and her husband. (They are the friendly people that let us store the boxes in their big house) ❤


Then on to Åkersberga (north of Stockholm) where my grandmother lives in a retirement home, to say my last good byes to her. I got a bit emotional, as my granny (and grandfather when he lived) have been two of the most important people in my life since I was a little girl. It is so hard for me to think that I might never see her again, because of her age (she is 89) and the fact she’s got Parkinsons 😦

Me and granny
Me and granny

And in the evening it got even more emotional when I had to say good bye to some members of the family, after having a nice evening together…

I have so much appreciated these last weeks together with my family and I’m going to miss them like crazy. I hate farewells and even if I’m very excited about me and Tom’s future outside Sweden, I will always have a hole in my heart, not being able to see them when I want. And my home country will always be Sweden, that’s just how it is I’m afraid…

Last family evening together
Last family evening together