Meet the Triangular Impalas 11

Tom writes:

Our final impala gets his turn today. Madison’s dad, Dave, is in the box now.


Name: Dave

Age: 58

From: Frederick Maryland

How I got into cycling: When I was little I biked everywhere. When in high school I biked the whole Cape Cod. In my late 20s I then got into triathlons.

Favourite moments when cycling: I loved the stretch we did between Syringa to Grangeville when we went up the steepest hill on the trip before ending up riding on a plateau full of wheat fields. It was like being back in Kansas again.

Cheese or chocolate?: Cheese but it’s a close call

Biggest disappointment or negative moment when cycling: Madison getting injured on this trip. (She had acute tendinitis for the final half of the tour).

Say something funny: Treat your problems like a dog does. If you can’t eat it or screw it, then piss on it and walk away.

Cycling ambitions: Near my house there are 84 miles of mountain bike trails. I intend doing most or all of them.

If  you were to strap a piece of bread and jam with the jam side up onto the back of a cat and drop it from a high building, how would it land?: The cat lands on its feet

Music: Sands of time by Paul Spaeth

Film: Groundhog Day

Five people you would like to have at a dinner party:

Vladimir Putin

Albert Einstein

Bill Gates

Galileo Galilei

My daughter Madison


What would you serve: Complete catered multi course meal with unlimited variety


Thanks Dave.

If anyone ever had a problem on this tour you could always be sure that Dave would be the first one there offering help.

Hope to see you again sometime down the line.


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