Meet the Triangular Impalas 10

Tom writes:

Time for the most improved cyclist of the bunch, Emily, who has shown what grit can do combined with a steady, consistent 11 mile an hour pace both uphill and down. 🙂


Name: Emily

Age: 45

From: Saratoga, California

How I got into cycling: I started by boycotting the greedy gas companies. I wasn’t going to pay four dollars a gallon for gas.

Favourite moments when cycling: Seeing other cyclists on the road, especially the self contained people. I think I am struggling but when I see them I realise I have it good.

Cheese or chocolate?: Chocolate.

Biggest disappointment or negative moment when cycling: The commercial traffic around me and impatient drivers that put their needs before my life.

Say something funny: I am going to reenact it for you. Imagine a self contained rider meeting one of our group.

“You cream puff, you and your ice and your ice chest. Patchoo (spits derisively over left shoulder). You disgust me…”

Cycling ambitions:I want to lead a ride, in my cycling club, The Western Wheelers.

If  you were to strap a piece of bread and jam with the jam side up onto the back of a cat and drop it from a high building, how would it land?: The cat will land on its feet, because you said the jam is strapped to the cat, thus the cat is the host and the jam the parasite.

MusicGloria Gaynor, I Will Survive

FilmApollo 13

Five people you would like to have at a dinner party:

George Lucas

Alan Greenspan

Ruth Ginsburg

Chris Rock

Tom Hanks


What would you serve: I would serve each their go to meal when they were in college.


Thanks Emily for the well thought out and telling answers to my stupid questions. Take care of yourself and keep on rolling.


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