Meet the Triangular Impalas 9

Tom writes:

It is now Karla’s turn, our grand forever young lady with the wicked sense of humour. (Even though I in all honesty don’t understand the lettuce joke she told here…) 🙂


Name: Karla

Age: 76

From: Annapolis, Maryland

How I got into cycling: I cycled as a kid, but when I hit 40 I decided I wanted one with shift gears. At about the same time I attended a lecture about going on with your life. At that moment I decided that I wanted to ride my bike across the country.

Favourite moments when cycling: This whole trip even though I have hated parts of it.

Cheese or chocolate?: Chocolate.

Biggest disappointment or negative moment when cycling: Feeling that I couldn’t do it in the beginning of this tour. Also having to walk up hills.

Say something funny: A man was in the grocery when two produce guys come in and one says to the other, “do you believe this asshole asked for half a head of lettuce”. The man turned around and said, “this gentleman ordered the other half”.

Cycling ambitions: None, but I want to do my old 22 mile ride and see how I fix it.

If  you were to strap a piece of bread and jam with the jam side up onto the back of a cat and drop it from a high building, how would it land?: The cat will always land on its feet.

Music: Everything by Creedence Clearwater Revival

FilmThe Graduate

Five people you would like to have at a dinner party:

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama

My granny

My husband

What would you serve: Fried chicken

Karla, it has been an honour to get to know you. What you have done on this trip is an inspiration for anyone.

Take care of yourself.


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