18th of June- Saved a Kitten!!!

Ami writes:

Yesterday when we were biking as usual I thought I heard a meowing sound coming from the side of the road. First I kept on going for a short distance, thinking that I had only imagined it all. But then I decided to turn around to make shore there was nothing there.

I thank my lucky stars I made that decision. Cause what I saw made me totally heartbroken. A tiny black and white kitten showed its little head among all the high grass. The fur was soaking wet and I gave it water from my water bottle and a slice of turkey from my lunch box. He crawled up in my lap and I couldn’t stop cuddling with him and kissing this little “fur ball”, while crying at the same time, thinking about what to do with him.

I tried to phone Tom but couldn’t get through to him. He was ahead of me and didn’t notice I wasn’t behind him until a while later. He came cycling back though, first thinking I was injured or had a flat tire. Then he saw me holding the kitten and did such a lovely thing- he cycled to the houses closest to were we found the kitten, to see if it belonged to anyone. And while he was away a miracle happened!

The owner, a woman and her two boys came driving along the road, saw me and recognised their kitten-  OMG wow!!!

She jumped for joy and so did I, since my thought was to bring him with me in my bike bag (don’t ask…)! I would have refused to just leave him there to die…

It turns out “Kitty” (that’s what they called him <3) disappeared the day before and they had been out looking for him without any luck.

So we were all very relieved that it all ended happily. Instead of being a day of sorrow this day became one of joy.

“Kitty” forever in my ❤ LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ❤


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