Sunday brunch March 13th

Ami writes:

Thought I should pop in here quickly and just let you know we’re still alive 🙂

We are not the greatest bloggers yet, but we will be better, hopefully…

On the other hand I don’t think you want to hear us go on and on about our training, moving and selling furniture, am I right?

So therefore I just wanted to share with you some pics from last Sunday’s brunch with my so cute nephew Leon, his mum and his grandmother, my mum and darling ❤

It was just so nice to sit down for a while, having a lovely chat and eating good food after being at work all weekend.

And we also got rid of even more things (almost at the end now 🙂 ) as Azita (Leon’s grandmother) cares for refugee kids in her home and wanted some stuff- a win win situation according to me 🙂

This weekend we’re off work, so it’s going to be domestic chores mixed with pleasure!

Have a nice Saturday ❤


Vasaloppsspinning 6th of March

Ami writes:

For the second year, I entered the spinning challenge Vasaloppsspinning at my local gym Friskis & Svettis. Last time Tom joined me, but this year he refused because of the, in his opinion, horrible music and too cheerful leaders?. But I didn’t mind much, since I got to spend a sweaty quality morning with my mum instead 🙂

The challenge was to start pedaling at 8 am when the world’s largest cross country ski race Vasaloppet started for the 92:nd time, with 42 nations including Sweden represented and finish when the first woman reached the finishing line after 90 km.

And for us, that meant 4 hours and 20 minutes on the bike- oh yeah!

Were my feet and ass hurting? YES! But it was so worth it though! The energy among us all was amazing and we had a fantastic time and amazing leaders.

A hot shower, sauna and a juicy burger and crispy fries after, made the whole thing complete 🙂

The only right thing left to do this day was to relax in our sofa as soon as I got back home. But then I remembered NO, I couldn’t as I suddenly realized that we didn’t have one anymore… 😦

Garage sale sans garage

Tom writes:

And today we sold off a reasonable fraction of everything we own.

We had the amazing good fortune of meeting Selda, an old work friend of ours who is not only facebook literate but was also prepared to put in a whole load of work on our behalf to help us sell our stuff.

We sent her photos and descriptions which she in turn threw out into the void that is social media and voilà; suddenly we were inundated with people phoning, texting and knocking on our door, just aching to get their hands on all our goodies.

Within what seemed like a couple of hours we were rid of among other things two sofas (or couches as uncouth Americans insist on calling them ;)), a glass table and a ceiling fan.


By Saturday it was time for a home made indoor garage sale which basically meant that our flat morphed into a garage for a day.

Selda advertised it online while we traipsed around the neighbourhood, putting up fliers urging people to put their hands in their pockets for a good cause.

And what a response we got!

Half an hour before official opening time our flat was being besieged by locals looking for a bargain. We were overwhelmed!

We (and when I say “we” I mean of course Ami who is a genius at these things) had done a brilliant job turning the place into a very good impersonation of a second hand shop complete with price tags and one room for fabrics, one for kitchenware etc. Before long we were rushed off our tiny feet.

Ami doing what Ami does best
Ami doing what Ami does best


What surprised me was that I actually quite enjoyed the whole experience which to be frank I really didn’t think I would.

People were really nice and the bartering (which I normally hate even more than an episode of Big Brother) was fun and civilised. Living in the cold north neighbours don’t always get to know each other like they maybe do in warmer climes so it was pleasant to actually converse with people who you would normally just pass in the street with at most a nod of the head. It has taken us eight years to finally get to know the people around us and in three weeks we are moving away.

A metaphor for something, I guess.

Of course we were at a bit of a disadvantage in that people knew that we were moving to the other end of the world and were thus prepared to sink to incredible depths of cheapness to get rid of our meagre possessions. In view of the circumstances however I think that people were quite fair and that an equilibrium of sorts was found. Oh the beauty of the free market. 🙂

After five hours of this we closed the doors more knackered than a runner completing an uphill marathon into a gale force wind. The accumulation of a week of work, training and preparing for all this plus the day itself took its toll in the end.

We had promised to treat ourselves to a three course meal at a flashy restaurant which we did and it was much needed in as much as we could just about stay awake while looking romantically into each others eyes. 🙂

And still people come. At the time of writing two more lamps have just been sold to bargain hunters off the street who knocked on the door, just hoping we would be home. A few hours ago another neighbour finally decided that she really did want our kitchen cupboard after all. All this is great because there is still quite a lot left. But there is no rest for the wicked.

So if you feel that you are in need or want of a solid oak table with six matching chairs please don’t hesitate to get in touch… 🙂


One prized possession was sold that did leave me with a slightly heavy heart though. I never thought it would happen but someone decided they wouldn’t mind owning my beloved training bike. The number of static miles watching cricket and rugby that that bike and I have done over the years are almost immeasurable. But everything has a price I reasoned and sending her over to Kiwiland I didn’t see as feasible… 😦


Goodbye old friend...
Goodbye old friend…

To finish with we would just like to officially thank the great and wondrous Selda for helping us so much with this venture. For all the work you put in and for helping to make it such a great success (and us incredibly rich ;)), thanks again Selda, we owe you one. 🙂

Ami and Selda
Ami and Selda

Until next time.

And remember, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to be caught photographed doing…

Granny turns 89 and a busy week in general!

Ami writes:

Thought it was time to finally start writing on our blog, since it`s only been my lovely husband who has written some beautiful poetic sentences.

This is actually my first post ever, though I’ve never written a blog before, so bear with me 🙂

It`s busy times now for both of us. Changing lives isn’t the easiest one can do, believe me. It would be enough just moving to another address in Stockholm, help someone else to move, start a new job or whatever, you get the picture…

But this is something totally different. I`m not saying anyone thinks it would be easy, I`m just saying there is so much to do and think of. Everything from selling the flat, quitting our jobs and in my case applying for a residence visa to New Zealand, contacting different authorities and banks, to all the millions of other things concerning the actual trip like booking flight tickets, rental cars and places to stay. I could go on forever…

Therefore it was very nice to be able to take a break last week to celebrate my granny’s 89th birthday.

There was nothing wrong with her mood, she was so happy to see us but sadly though the rest isn’t working so well, like her eye sight, her legs (she’s in a wheel chair) and her memory (Parkinson’s).

Anyhow we had a lovely, cozy early afternoon in our flat together one last time, eating a delicious typical Swedish birthday cake “Princesstårta” (sponge, whipped cream, vanilla cream and marzipan) yummy so good… 🙂

My darling mum and Tom joined us too.


Other than that, training, training, training. A bit of work (only one month left- yippee!), packing and packing and too little sleep 😦

But I’m not complaining, seriously, I`m just updating you on my life and what fills it at the moment!


And I just realized now that this became a very long first post ever- sorry. I’m going to try to keep it shorter in the future 🙂

So therefore, bye bye for now!